The Best Pinterest Tools to Boost Your Marketing Campaigns

Pinterest Tools

Pinterest is a visual bookmarking engine for collecting and organizing ideas, images, projects, and articles. The networking platform supports communication through private messages, pin shares via email, and public pin comments. Working like a search engine, Pinterest gives resourceful and real-world answers to every relevant query you have. Follow Pinterest users who pin things you like, and people who love similar things will follow your boards.

How to Boost Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Pinterest has a fast-reacting feed that provides an incredible catalog of search results. Unlike other social media platforms, Pinterest is a harassment-free environment with massive storage space for keeping your favorite items and ideas. With this powerful storage tool, marketers can organically boost their brand awareness, sales, and conversions. However, they will need the following tools to tap the most from Pinterest.

Canva Pro

Using Canva Pro simplifies the design of content for Pinterest accounts. Canva is a free tool supporting the creation of lovely graphics, presentations, documents, logos, infographics, posters, and banners for social media. Create and automate the posting of Pinterest pins with the tool’s latest content planner feature.

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The over 420,000 customizable Pinterest templates are editable with high-quality illustrations and stock photos. To make your pin creation more fun, Pinterest offers over 3,000 premium fonts, elements, and icons and an extensive video and photo library. Automate post sharing with the social media scheduler and clean photo and video backgrounds with the background remover tool.


MiloTree plugin is the tool bloggers, brands, and businesses must use to grow their Pinterest followers. This add-on converts your blog and website visitors into trustworthy, highly engaged Pinterest followers. Add the MiloTree plugin to your blog and watch as it directs more people to your page.

A bigger Pinterest following shows that your page is high-quality, and the content shared is desirable. A Pinterest page with more followers can positively affect your blog’s organic traffic and sales. You get a 30-day free trial when you sign up, and the monthly plan goes for $9. MiloTree also comes with customized text, colors, and popups to grow your email list and Pinterest reach.


Give your social media marketing a boost by simplifying the management of your Pinterest and Instagram accounts with Tailwind. This one-stop marketing tool offers intriguing features, including SmartScheduler, automatic post sharing, and aesthetic templates. Once you add Tailwind to your toolkit, you’ll have access to advanced Pinterest analytics and scheduling features.

You can seamlessly create pins, schedule them for later updates, and analyze their performance with Tailwind. The powerful social media tool examines your audience to give deeper insights into when and how long they stay active. With these analytics at your fingertips, you can create and share posts at the correct times to attract the right audience.

Tailwind comes with a free version that offers limited designs and post schedules. Additionally, it comes with a Tailwind Plus plan offering limitless designs and post schedules for $9.99 per month.

Pinterest Analytics

The free built-in Pinterest tool for business accounts, Pinterest Analytics, effortlessly tracks your followers and pins. It’s only available to verified business accounts linked to blogs or websites. Once you set up the tool, it’ll give real-time insights into your audience, top pins, impressions, followers, and repins. Track the pins users like and adjust your content creation techniques to match the interests of your target audience.

Pinterest Analytics is ideal for brands and companies to trace and better familiarize themselves with their audience. Review all your pins to plan your future content seamlessly. Additionally, the tool provides deeper insights into the performance of your Pinterest marketing efforts.


Pinterest Analytics and account management tools offer a quick and simple way to gauge your marketing efforts and brand growth. These tools make it effortless to run several accounts, with Pinterest proxies helping you bypass limits and avoid IP blocks.

Some tools are free, but most premium versions of the ones we mentioned come at a price. Luckily, in the case of Pinterest Analytics, you won’t need to pay a penny to access high-quality analytics and account management services. However, don’t shy away from paying for premium services if you think they’re worth it. As long as they grow your following, you’ll see these tools pay off.


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