Top 20 Hacks: You Can Do Without Rooting Your Phone


    Using all of the cool hacks discussed below, you can completely customise your Android device to suit your preferences and get it ready to do some incredibly interesting things. Check out these Android cheats for rooted phones and tablets below.

    Non-Rooted Android Device Cheats and Strategies:

    Hack Games Without Rooting

    Using an incredibly cool application that also targets the established Android gadget, you can hack your most beloved games on your Android gadget. The application in question is called Game Killer. Using this app, you’ll be able to apply any new cheats or mods to any game, regardless of genre. As a bonus, you’ll also receive free coins, lives, and remuneration, as well as unlock all of the game’s locked content.

    Control Desktop From Your Android

    Chrome Remote Desktop was the name given to the app by Google. If you use this application, you’ll be able to easily log into your PC from any smart device, including your phone or tablet. Chrome users can benefit from the same add-on. which will allow you to transport two electronic devices? You can also use your android device to control the entire interface of your workspace.

    Record Your Android Screen

    When you give your Android to someone else, like a younger sibling, a sister, or a friend, you can keep track of all of their activities using the chronicle screen.

    In order to record your android’s screen in order to screen everything on your android device, you’ll need a portion of the Screen recording applications for Android.

    Use “Edge Display” on your Android

    As with the S6 Edge, you can get a similar look and feel on your Android device by installing the free launcher Edge Display. This completes the process of customising your Android device and makes it look even better. So, you should give this app a shot and see how it affects your Android as soon as possible.

    Automate your Android Settings

    Using this method, you can complete the process of making your Android device’s functionality readily available. Using AutomateIt, you can save all of your Android device’s directions according to your preferences, and your device will perform exactly as indicated by your saved preferences.

     Use Android Emulators To Run Your Favorite Old Games

    There is nothing better than an old-fashioned game like Mario on your android gadget if it can be played for free. In addition, this is possible with a cool emulator that you can use on your android device to play all your favourite recreations. For this reason, NES Emulator is the best choice because it will inspire you to play a plethora of fun recreations on your Android phone or tablet.

    Control Your Electronic Smart Device With Your Android

    You can use your Android device to control a wide range of devices, including your air conditioner, LED TV, Blu-ray player, and so on. This is also possible with the Android Smart Device Control Guide.

     Re-design Navigation Buttons In Android

    Truly, it’s conceivable that you can easily arrange all the route stops according to your preferences. Furthermore, this will turn your Android device into a highly useful tool. Using the application Home2 Shortcut, you can customise the behaviour of route catches to suit your preferences.

    Hide Any Whatsapp Media from Phone Gallery

    You can make use of our guide on How to Hide Whatsapp Images and Videos from a Gallery to remove any Whatsapp content that isn’t performing well. So, make use of the aforementioned method and your exhibition will be perfect for showing to various friends.

    Spy Your Incoming And Outgoing Calls Using Automatic Call Recorder

    Using Automatic Call Recording applications that deal with all Android without establishing, you can consequently record all the calls that came and went from your android gadget and then hear them out on your gadget with the total time record of each call on your android gadgets.

    Remove Stock Apps in Android

    Pre-installed bloatware, as we all know, serves no purpose and actually slows down the phone’s performance while also using up large amounts of memory. You can read our article How To Remove Stock Apps In Android Without Rooting to learn how to get rid of pre-installed bloatware without rooting your phone.

    Set More Than One Ringtone

    If you’re having trouble deciding between your favourite two ringtones, try this! Choosing between the two is simple, and you don’t even have to set up your Android device first. To make your android ringtone and SMS sound random, all you have to do is go to our article on How to Set More Than One Ringtones in Android Without Root.

    Add Home/Back Soft Button Keys On Android

    You don’t have to set up your device to use the Android touchscreen’s home/back sensitive catch keys. You don’t have to switch to a new android phone to accomplish this. To add soft catch keys on Android, all you have to do is look at our guide on How to Add Home/Back Soft Button Keys on Android Without Root.

    Add Night Mode Feature In Your Android

    You can add Night Mode Vision to your Android gadgets without having to set up your Android phone. This will help you see the screen letters clearly in low light and protect your eyes from the bright light that comes from your smartphone’s screen. It’s easy to see how to do it without rooting your phone if you read our guide on how to do it.

     Install Linux On Android Phone

    In most cases, installing Linux on an Android device necessitates first setting up your phone. You don’t need root access to install Linux on your Android devices. If you’d like more information, take a look at our guide on how to install Linux without rooting your Android phone.

     Play YouTube Videos in Background

    If you have an established Android phone, you may want to consider Xposed installers, which allow you to make various changes, including playing a Youtube video in the background while the phone is idle. You can play YouTube videos in the background without rooting your Android device if you follow the instructions in our article on How to Play YouTube Videos in the Background Without Rooting Android.

    Using Android Device As Second Monitor

    Your Android device’s screen can serve as a second monitor for your Windows or Mac computer. Most importantly, you won’t have to remove your gadget to accomplish this. The iDisplay app on our phone and PC will allow us to use our Android as a second screen. To learn how to use the iDisplay app, see our article on how to use an Android device as a second monitor on your PC or MAC.

    Using Microsoft’s Cortana On Android

    Microsoft’s personal assistant, Cortana, is a voice-activated virtual personal assistant. It’s comparable to Google Now in functionality. You can download the Cortana for Android app for free from the Google Play store and use it right away on your phone or tablet. To learn how to use Microsoft’s Cortana on Android, go to our guide How To Use Microsoft’s Cortana On Android.

    Use Both Data and Wifi in the meantime

    In the meantime, you can make use of WiFi and portable information. Super Download and Speedify are two tools that can help you increase your web speed. When your WiFi stops working, you can still stay connected with these two applications, which allow you to consolidate your cell and WiFi connections for better data transfer rates. To learn how to make use of both data and WiFi to speed up your internet downloads, check out our guide.

    Remotely Control One Android With Another

    We have a few Android phones in our house, but not many. Have you ever considered being able to remotely control your Android devices? The Google Play store has a wide variety of apps that allow you to remotely control one Android device from another In this article, we’ve tallied up to ten different uses.


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