VR Streaming Services for Your Oculus Headset: Top Selection


VR technology has recently really made its mark in the technological world. While it began with a lot of hype, the sector did not initially revolutionise as expected. This was because of the lack of software support for this new technology. Now developers are offering some great services that work great with VR. You can now play your headset on video games or just watch 3D videos with your charter spectrum connection. In training and medical scenarios, VR technology is also now used.

One of the most affordable ways to enter the VR world is through an Oculus headset. It has various uses and allows you to look at a variety of immersive content and is a great gadget for playing your favourite games. But on your headset you can’t just play anything and expect it to be an immersive 3D experience. Instead, content from streaming services and sources supporting VR viewing must be accessed. Fortunately, VR support over time is offered by more and more streaming services. You just need the right headset and you’re all set. Here are some services that work with most models of the Oculus headset.

Prime Video VR

The Prime Video VR is an enjoyment when you enter its home menu. This consists of a small neighbourhood, which seems to be made of carton and building paper. You can navigate here to a video player of 180 or 360 degrees. You can see this video player in a theatre when entering the home page.

You can choose the content of the VR that you want to watch, sit back and relax. Whether you are playing a 3D or 2D video, it appears just like it would on your TV screen on this theatre screen.

YouTube VR

YouTube has an excellent Oculus headset application. It was one of the first platforms to provide such support and is still one of the best. It offers an enormous library, with broad support for VR. You can use your headset to access your YouTube account and library to view amazing 3D content.

You can also enjoy a variety of fascinating immersive videos through the YouTube VR app, which shows VR-specific content.


Unlike most other VR services, the VR experience of Netflix focuses only on 2D videos. There’s no immersive home page, therefore. Instead you are taken to a cosy living room with a TV in front of you. You can play your chosen Netflix content on this TV and operate it exactly as your regular Netflix application would.

But it’s still a good experience. You can also access your lists and view your favourite content without having to watch a TV.

Facebook Watch

Facebook is one of the platforms with VR technology. It has 3D videos for even regular devices and has excellent VR headsets content. Much of this content is made as experimental works by artists. It is therefore a platform that explores the potential of VR videos.

On your Oculus headset you can access the app and discover a world of VR content. With this application, you will experience independent creators, big businesses and even video game content in a very immersive fashion.

Pluto TV

On your Oculus headset, you can access your Pluto TV account and access all TV shows and movies you wish. This service offers a wide range of content to suit many tastes. You can watch them in your VR headsets, whether it’s top class movies, popular TV shows or documentaries.

You can watch over 100 live channels from cables like NBC, CBS, Bloomberg, Warner Brothers, and Paramount on Pluto TV on your Oculus headset. This gives you access to a large content library that is suitable for all your needs.

National Geographic Explore VR

This is one of the most exciting tools on your Oculus headset. It basically takes you through various natural adventures. You can immersively explore a variety of different terrains and experience the beauty of the natural world with National Geographic Explore VR.

This is an excellent way to communicate with nature and learn about your effect on the world around you. Once you have these simulated experiences, you can become more aware of what measures you must take to preserve nature and help preserve wildlife.

In sum, for your Oculus headsets there are some great VR streaming services. You just have to ensure that your specific headset is compatible and then get your subscriptions and downloads accordingly.


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