What is Spotify? Spotify hacks and guide


Over the years, online streaming has taken over the world. Be it music, movies or series; everything can be made available with a few touches. While there are multiple online streaming sites, Spotify mp3 player tops the list for music streaming online.  

With extremely personalized services and a vast range of songs for every genre, Spotify has maintained dominance in the streaming platform. Whether you want to download Spotify on PC or connect Spotify with Alexa, you can do so effortlessly.  

Also, you can customize the settings and the playlists according to your requirements and preference. Do you want to download Spotify to mp3? Well, it is easier than you think it is. For these reasons and more, Spotify is well-liked by all.  

What is Spotify?  

Spotify is the Swedish music streaming site owned by Spotify AB, a public trading company in New York. On Spotify, there are millions and millions of songs belonging to different genres. Also, you can watch videos and podcasts as well.  

As for compatibility, Spotify can work well with almost every device. These include mobile phones, computers, tablets PC, TVs, and car stereo. If you want to transit, you can easily do it via Spotify connect.  

Spotify is available in most parts of the world, including America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. As we mentioned earlier, Spotify is compatible with almost every device and works well with various voice control devices like Alexa and google assistant.  You can connect Spotify to Alexa easily,

How does Spotify work? 

Before discovering the vast array of music available on the app, you will have to sign up. Once you are in there, there is a way of going about it. Therefore, here is a detailed guide regarding Spotify and its functions, settings, and options.  

Sign up  

To discover the world of online streaming, you will have to sign up for Spotify, and there are multiple ways of doing it.  

Firstly, you can link your Facebook account to avail of exceptional features. This one is easy; use your Facebook login details, and you are good to go.  

Secondly, create an account using your email address. Like other social media platforms, you will have to put in the email address coupled with some additional useful information. Finally, you will have to set a password.  

After this, the app will lead you to the selection of subscriptions. We recommend you select a plan that aligns with your frequency of listening to your music.  

Before jumping into streaming and listening, give your privacy settings a look. This section vital as you can choose to make your playlist public or public but on your terms. Aside from this, you can select the top artists you want on your public profile.  

 If you prefer keeping your broadcast away from your Facebook news feed, untick the Facebook sharing option. On the other contrary, if you leave your sharing section on, it will improve your potential to discover Spotify’s music.  

Assemble your music  

Now that your privacy settings and accounts are in place, it is about time you should start organizing your music.  


Head over to your sidebar on the left to locate your collection. You can access the local files (preferences>import files) and the playlists you have saved. This library section is the Center point that keeps your music intact. Also, you can listen to your music non-stop via imported files on your hard drive.  


Playlists are one of the main charms of Spotify. You can formulate your playlist by tapping on the “New playlist” option, or you can endorse other user’s podcasts.  

Also, you and your friends can create a combined Spotify playlist to enjoy while hanging out somewhere. All you have to do is right tap on the playlist to enable the collaborative option. Once done, you can share your Spotify playlist with your friends, easily.  

Do you want to remain updated about another user’s podcast? Press the green “follow” button present at the title bar and preserve it on the sidebar. Whenever an addition is made, you will receive an alert.  

Queuing up  

The option to queue up your music is a great option to adjust other people’s requests while playing music at a party or in a car. However, when you are alone, you can still queue up the songs at once and focus on your work.  

 This option allows you to place a song after the track that is streaming at the moment. For doing so, right-click on the menu and queue it up! 


Spotify offers a set of distinctive apps that can aid you in finding music that elevates your spirits and helps you unwind yourself. Several apps will inform you about the lyrics of the song you will play, while others will provide reviews, charts, and social media trends.  

If you are looking for such apps, here is a list: 

  • Pitchfork 
  • Domino  
  • Blue note 
  • Billboard 
  • This is my Jam  
  • Twitter with #Music  
  • Tune Wiki  

Radio services  

Gone are the days when radios were the only music providers, and radio functions were one of the very few entertainers. With time, the traditional radio boxes and services have faded away.  

However, Spotify has brought the idea of radio podcasts to life by providing radio functions that are similar to typical radio services. You can vote for the songs and create stations. Whether you are a premium user or not, Spotify radio is free for all.  

Spotify hacks  

Every app has some undiscovered features that are only accessible through a little effort. While you may not know this but Spotify has these too! 

Therefore, pull up your socks and roll up your sleeves to dive into the world on hidden yet exciting Spotify hacks.  

Spy on a friend  

If you want to look out for your friends and their Spotify playlists, we have something for you.  

You can creep on your friend by opening up the friend activity panel on Spotify via a desktop or laptop. There it is your friends’ playlist.  

Since it goes both ways, you may not feel comfortable with the idea of your friends knowing your activity. In such a case, you can toggle with the setting to hide your current activity temporarily. Aside from this, you can turn the “share my listening activity” off. 

Let the playlist shine.  

Since playlists are crucial for your music collection, whether you are into jazz, pop, rock, or any other genre, you deserve to have a separate playlist for each. However, equally important is that your playlist cover must align with the genre to add more value.  

If you are thinking of changing your playlist cover, open your playlist and press the cover art to place your photo. Once you have changed the profile picture, tap on the description box to change it.  

Henceforth, you can put an artistic picture that suits the type of genre your playlist has to make it stand out.  

Here comes the Savior 

Did you ever feel confused about what to hear? Well, all of us have.  

Therefore, Spotify mp3 player has provided us with a playlist named “daily mix” that is a combination of playlists you have heard before. Each playlist has a different color, and it revolves around a specific genre. 

If you like any of them, press the heart button to add them to your favorite songs.  

Thus, the next time you cannot decide head over to “daily mix” playlists and start grooving to the fantastic collection.  

Let us explore  

Spotify is a platform with massive options. There shall be no barriers for us to explore and discover in such conditions, should there be?  

Therefore, Spotify releases a “discover weekly” podcast, a mix of genres that you often listen to and some new tunes that you may like.  

Though “discover weekly” might be a miss for various people, there is a higher chance that it will be a hit for you.  

Aside from this, Spotify comes up with another weekly playlist that is called “Release Radar.” This playlist is primarily based on your history with Spotify coupled with the latest releases by the singers you follow.  

It is a wrap 

Though New Year gift is not common, Spotify does believe in surprising you on New Year’s Eve.  

Every year, Spotify releases an album named “Your *current year* wrapped.” Through this, you can see your most heard albums and artist for the year.  

How amazing would it be to have a quick flashback of the whole year via the memories your playlist holds?  

Save up on your mobile data.  

Most of us hate it when our mobile data finishes up quickly. However, you may not realize music apps such as Spotify consume a considerable amount of data.  

However, there is nothing to worry about. You can switch the data saver mode on and reduce your consumption by 75%! 

Our verdict 

Conclusively, Spotify mp3 player is an excellent app for online music streaming, but it does not come without its drawback. Nonetheless, our tips and tricks will mitigate the setbacks and improve your experience.  


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