WiFi Hacking Apps For Your Android Device – Best 10 picks


These are the top 10 WiFi hacking applications for Android. Away from home and out of data? You’ll need a network connection. This was a recurring thought for us. Despite the fact that bandwidth speeds are becoming increasingly restricted and public wifi networks are becoming increasingly scarce,

However, did you know that the secret key to every Wifi network may be cracked without being a professional hacker? For Android users, there are WiFi Hacking Apps that allow you to gain access to WiFi networks.

These are the top 10 WiFi hacking applications for Android.

Note: You can check for existing vulnerabilities by running these tests on your wifi network. Please refrain from making unauthorised use of these applications. Because of security concerns, we’re only providing the app names here; you can get the download links by searching for the app names in Google.


Wi-Fi keys are encrypted by AndroDumpper. Both rooted and unrooted Android devices can use it. You can use this software to find out how safe a WiFi network is to connect to.


Yet another software that utilises WPS-encrypted networks may be found here. To decrypt the password, you need a green ticket. A red ticket or an X signifies that the programme cannot decode that Wifi Network’s key. The app’s UI is simple and straightforward to understand.

Wps Wpa Tester

It’s an Android app, as the name implies, that aids in the recovery of passwords from weak WPS wireless networks. The PIN is calculated by four different algorithms. As of Android 5.0 (Lollipop), root is not required on devices running prior versions of the operating system.

WPS connect

WPS Connect is a tool that helps you determine if your router’s default PIN has been compromised or not. When it comes to Android Wifi hacking, there are a number of well-known techniques and default router PINs to choose from.

Fing Networks Tools

Fing Networks Tools is an Android app that lets you keep tabs on the status of your wireless network. Our WiFi connection may now be audited to identify what devices and people have been connected to it.


In terms of Wifi auditing, NetCut is a fantastic tool. When a device joins your WiFi network, you’ll see a notification in real time saying so. This isn’t a problem because NetCut lets you prohibit unusual devices from connecting to your network.


Penetration testing for Android apps is made easier using Zanti’s suite of tools. This software for Android lets you check your wifi network for security flaws. You should have this on your Android phone if you’re a serious ethical hacker or IT professional. It will guide you through the process of hacking any Wi-Fi network.

Kali Linux

Wifi hacking tools can be installed on your Android device using this operating system. Ethical hackers and IT experts rely on Kali as one of the best Linux operating systems for computer hacking.

Nmap Mapper

As an ANP Ethical Hacker, you are well aware of the importance of the Nmap network scanner. Nmap can assist you in locating hosts, protocols, open ports, and services on a network, as well as their configuration and security flaws.

WiFi Inspect

In other words, Wifinspect isn’t a wifi hacking tool for Android. Instead, it’s a programme for securing computers and inspecting wireless networks. Taking advantage of Android wifi is more difficult because it will allow you to keep tabs on all of the devices that are linked to our network.

Apps for Android Hacking: Here are the 10 Best! To obtain the download link, perform a Google search for these applications. I hope you enjoyed reading it and please spread the word about it as widely as you can.


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