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In the past couple of decades or so, parenting has transformed entirely. Apart from taking care of our children in real-life, we have the responsibility of ensuring their safety online as well. Regular parenting has now the additional element of digital parenting that requires parents to keep an eye on their children’s digital footprint as well. The kind of content they view on the internet, the people then engage in conversations with, and what personal information they are putting out for the world to see.  Then their other issues such as online harassment, bullying, body-shaming, hate speech, inappropriate content. All of these matters have to be dealt with by keeping an eye on your child’s activities on the internet, better yet, their phones.

Along with this, employee monitoring has become inevitable as well. With the latest advancement in technologies, hackers have become smart as well and have found new ways to penetrate the company’s data vaults and steal sensitive information. This requires the employers to take a proactive approach for which they have to keep an eye on the employees and ensure that none of them is involved in any unethical or illegal activities.

Xnspy Mobile Spy App for Child Monitoring

Smartphone use has rapidly increased in the last few months. Even more so, during the pandemic. You have to keep an eye on your child to make sure that they are not using the screen excessively. Apart from the dangers mentioned above, using too many screens impacts the eyes, sleeping patterns, and even psychological repercussions. A large number of youngsters own smartphones. According to a survey, more than 53% of children in the United States get a smartphone by the time they are 11. Moreover, the growing number of different messaging and photo apps has got teenagers, mostly 16-year-olds and older hooked.

To stay on top of what your child is up to on the internet and ensuring that they are using the internet and social media responsibly, Xnspy is a great choice. It is both the best spy app for Android and the best spy app for iPhone as it runs seamlessly on both.

You can keep a track of whatever your child is doing on their phones since most kids now use phones to do everything. Laptop and computer use has greatly reduced. So, monitoring your kids’ phone could help you a lot in knowing whatever they are up to and intervening if need be.

Xnspy keeps track of all messages, calls, locations, website history, and a lot more. You get to lock the phone, block websites, track locations, set alerts, along record keystrokes.

But, more on that later.

Xnspy Mobile Spy App for Employee Monitoring

Companies store a lot of sensitive data that, if gotten into the wrong hands, could lead to a variety of troubles. Not to mention significant monetary loss as well. It could be trade secrets, customer data, and a lot more. The last couple of years saw a rise in data breaches and leaks that lead to losses amounting to millions of dollars. And most of the time, it’s an inside job. 2019 Verizon Data Breach investigation report found out that 34% of all the data breaches in 2018 were an inside job.

Now, this suggests that apart from strengthening security to prevent external sources from stealing our data, we need to pay attention to insider threats first. It has become a norm for companies to provide employees with smartphones for work-related purposes. Along with that, it helps with managing on the go. There are many perks to monitoring employees you can check their productivity, ensure that they are not wasting time on social media. Also, the app becomes a must to keep an eye on remote employees. You can set alerts on particular words and even locations. This way, you can know where they are during work hours. Also, setting alerts on particular words such as a confidential file, or project name could help you know if an unauthorized person is trying to get its information and know if they intend to leak company information. You can do a better job of monitoring your employees by using the Xnspy mobile spy app on their work phones. And since the company owns the phones, it is not illegal either.

However, you should make a point of mentioning this at the time of hiring or while giving the appointment letter. When employees know that their actions are being monitored, they would be careful not to make any mistakes like this and risk getting caught with proof. Also, doing so without their knowledge is illegal and could get you in trouble with the law.

Xnspy Mobile Spy App – Features

Xnspy does a good job of catering to all of your monitoring needs be it parental or professional. With the help of this app, you can keep a check on your child’s and employees’ online interactions on the internet, and see who are they talking to, and about what. From online monitoring to keeping track of how the rest of the phone functions are used, Xnspy keeps track of everything. No wonder the app is popular among the masses as one of the best monitoring apps for Android. Also, it is known as the Xnspy iPhone spy app by those who aren’t aware of its dual functionality for both OS.

Now, let’s take a look at the different features you can get out of the Xnspy mobile spy app whether you are a parent or an employer:

Text and Instant Messenger Messages

Apart from text messages, you can monitor all the instant messenger and social media app chats of your child as well as the employers. Not that you have to read every single chat. What you can do is use the alert feature here as well. And if any words such as drugs, sex, beer, bunking school are used in chats or emails, you would know right away. The app will send you an alert.

You can adopt the same approach for employee monitoring as well and set alerts on words or names to know if they are involved in any rule-breaking or unethical activity.

Track Calls

You can access call logs of the phone you are monitoring along with recording them as well. Xnspy mobile spy app helps in recording all the phone calls that are made to and from the target Android or iOS device. You get to see all the call logs remotely along with time, date, and contact details.

Access to Multimedia

This feature allows you to access all the images, videos, and other multimedia stored on the phone you are monitoring. You can also get intel regarding the entries that are marked on their calendar. As a parent, you can know what kind of pictures and videos your child sends or receives.

Also, as an employer, you can see if there is any kind of imagery or video on the employers’ phone that they can use against you. For example, they are taking pictures of important files and data and trying to leak it to your rivals.

Access Actuarial Reports

With the detailed reports and analytics Xnspy mobile spy app presents you with, you can get the job done in significantly lesser time. The app gets you the top 5 callers or the top 10 websites they have recently browsed. You can see Wi-Fi logs as well and know which connections the phone connected to recently along with their details.

Track Online Activity

With the help of Xnspy, parents and employers can track all the internet browsing and surfing activity in real-time. You can track their digital footprints and see the kind of content they are accessing. This feature is helpful for both parents and employers, allowing them to set limits in place if the children and employees are accessing inappropriate websites.

Xnspy Mobile Spy App – Installation

Installing Xnspy on an Android or iPhone is easy. The app runs well on both.  The installation takes barely 5 minutes. You need to subscribe to the app from the site, pay for a subscription, download the app from a link you will receive in an email along with login credentials, and other instructions. The login credentials are for your online Xnspy account that will take you to the Xnspy dashboard, a control panel of sorts, from where you would be able to see all the activities. Physical access will be required in both cases. To install on an iPhone, the device has to be connected to the computer through iTunes. There is a jailbreak version as well that is for the jailbroken iOS devices.

Xnspy is available in two versions. There is the Basic version for $4.99/month and the Premium version that costs $7.49/month. However, it is recommended to get the Premium version as the Basic one comes with limited features without advanced functionalities.


Xnspy mobile spy app delivers value for money. The app offers a smooth experience. Xnspy is user-friendly and the website offers comprehensive tutorials and how-to guides so you can get the hang of the app and its use easily. In case of any issue, there is 24/7 customer support to give you support via live chat and email in case you get stuck.

Xnspy makes digital parenting and employee management a lot easier, relieving them of all the worries. No matter where you are, you can monitor the kids and employees from anywhere.


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