YouTube Pink Apk: Download Latest Version Here


YouTube Pink Apk:

Furthermore, there are no limitations on how this software is being built. As a result, this software is available to everyone for free.

Modified by Team Vanced with fantastic features like Dark mode, Play Videos in background mode, Adjust Screen Brightness, No Ads & Restrictions, and what not many more awesome ones. This App is also completely free to use. YouTube Pink App does not charge its users anything.


Name :             YouTube Pink Apk

Size :                 65.63 MB

Version :          Latest Version

Ratings :           4.1 Out Of 5

Price :                Free Of Cost

Compatibliy:    4.0 & Above

Developers :    Team Vanced


Below given are some important unique features of this awesome YouTube Mod Apk which users need to know 

Eye Catchy Theme:

Using the Mod Pink YouTube Premium Apk’s eye-catching theme, everyone was immediately drawn to it. The only color used in this Mod Yt Pink App is that shade of pink, of course. Pink is used throughout the app, including in the notification area, search box, recommendations, and watch later sections. The app appears to be all pink.

This app has been dubbed YouTube Pink Apk because of its pink theme. This software, on the other hand, is best suited for those who are sensitive to bright colours. In addition, many people find pink to be their favourite hue, and it doesn’t upset them as much as the official app does.

Additionally, YouTube Pink Apk users have the option to switch to a new colour theme if they so like. Initially, this app has a pink theme, however it may be changed to any colour the user like.


Among the best features of Pink YouTube App is a recommendation engine that recommends videos to users based on their interests. If you have already searched for a video, this feature will show you similar results.

This YouTube Pink App, for example, will show all relevant videos of culinary videos everything that I’ve previously searched. As a result, it will recommend films depending on our preferences.

Dark Mode:

Almost all social networking apps now include this function in order to satisfy the needs of their users. When running for a lengthy period of time, users can effortlessly switch to this mode.

Because of this, the makers of YouTube Pink App included this useful function in order to satisfy its users.

From the settings menu, users may simply switch from normal mode to dark mode using the command: “Settings” -> “General” -> “Dark Theme”.

That’s all there is to it! Using the aforementioned options, anyone may simply switch the app’s mode to Dark Mode as necessary.

Background Mode:

Another notable feature is Background Mode, which lets users to continue using this Apk even after switching to another one.

Users may effortlessly move between applications without having to pause or close the current one. His pink Youube App will play videos in the background as if they were regular YouTube videos.

This programme may also be used as a background music player. As a result, users may continue working on other applications without having to close this programme first.

Screen Brightness:

Additionally, the ability to adjust the screen brightness is a convenient feature that keeps viewers from becoming irritated when viewing films for an extended period of time. For some of us, watching films nonstop for extended periods of time might become irritating.

For this reason, the developers of Pink YouTube Apk have introduced this wonderful function to its customers’ enjoyment. The brightness of the screen may be readily adjusted by just swiping the screen, without having to change the device settings.

Videos On-Repeat Option:

Videos can be played repeatedly by selecting this option. To put it another way, liking a video gives you the ability to effortlessly repeat playing that video instead of clicking on the screen each time as you would in the official app.

With this feature, videos may be played in the background or in the foreground at the same time.

Play Videos Without Restriction:

Some of you may already be aware of the official app’s age restriction function, which prevents some videos from being played. As a result, most people had to deal with this choice while viewing videos. This YouTube Pink Apk, on the other hand, has no such limitations.

And there are no limitations on the kinds of videos that may be seen by individuals.

Play Ad-Free Videos:

Massive Ads have been added to the Official App in recent years, making video viewing increasingly irritating. These Ads are the app’s flaws, destroying interest in it.

On the official app, there is no way to prevent advertising. When watching videos on YouTube, you may simply skip the YouTube Pink App by using an alternative.


It’s as simple as downloading any other programme to get YouTube Pink Apk. However, the Google Play Store does not have this Apk. In order to download this official YouTube Pink App for free, you must follow the procedures outlined below.

To begin, click on the download link provided below to get YouTube Pink Apk for Android.

The Apk file begins downloading as soon as you click on the link.

Wait for the Apk file to download, then check the notification bar to see if it’s installed.

You’ll be able to download the Apk file on your Android smartphone in a matter of minutes. In addition, the file may be seen in the File Manager under Downloads.

For those who are having problems with the installation, simply touch on the apk file or read down to see how to install YouTube Pink Apk for Android in just a few simple steps if you have any troubles.


It’s simple to install an Apk file if you follow these simple instructions. Due to the fact that it’s a third-party app that can’t be downloaded or installed directly from the Google Play Store, this Apk is unavailable for download.

As a result, Third-Party Apps necessitate some configuration changes on your device before they can be installed. These apks can only be installed once they’ve been modified. You must enable “Unknown Sources” in “Android Settings” in order to install YouTube Pink Apk.

Once you’ve tweaked the settings, just follow the instructions outlined below to get Pink YouTube Apk for Android up and running quickly and error-free.

To install YouTube Pink Apk, go to your downloads and look for the file named YouTube Pink Apk.

To begin the installation of the Apk file, select the INSTALL option.

The Apk file will be installed in a matter of seconds, and you’ll be presented with a choice between two options: either Open or Done.

It’s done! The apk file has been installed on your Android device.

And from now on, you’ll be able to view videos on YouTube Pink Mod Apk without being restricted in any way.


Finally, this is a fantastic software that has a lot more functionality than the official app, and it’s completely free of charge.

I really hope you enjoyed using it on your Android device. Also, don’t forget to leave useful comments in the space below utilising the comment feature.


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